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Meal Planning

Meal planning is here to help make life a little easier. We have a few options posted here, and we are always happy to talk to you about your particular dietary needs and what adjustments we can make for you. Whether it is grab-and-go snacks, lunches, dinners, or meals for the whole family, we can help. Most of the items on our normal menu can also be available for the meal planning program.

Your food will come packaged in a way that you can easily warm it for foods that need reheated or in a bag for those we generally eat at room temperature. If you are picking up a meal (not pepperoni rolls) they will come to you chilled and ready for reheating. We recommend storing your purchase in your refrigerator or freezer and eating it within 5 days of purchase.


Our owners have years of life experience preparing food for a variety of diets. Pat has training from his military career in preparing foods for special dietary needs. Roxanne has years of lived experience preparing foods for her allergies and medical restrictions. We get it, finding foods you can eat, can be difficult, but we are here to help.

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